Be Master of Your Time

  • Becoming "Indistractable" : Part 2 - External Triggers

    In part 1 I talked about internal triggers and some tactics that Nir Eyal suggests in his book “Indistractable” such as examining them and then re-imaginging them. In part 2, I’m going to cover external triggers and how, in Eyal’s parlance, to hack them back. He suggests some simple ideas such as cleaning up your computer desktop, Marie-Kondo-style so that you only have the file you’re currently working on there or one folder with the handful of things you’re completing.

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  • Becoming "Indistractable" : Part 1 - Internal Triggers

    The recent book Indistractable by Nir Eyal points to the importance of staying focused as a key factor in achieving the goals and outcomes that we want. In it he discusses the real causes of distraction – and they’re not what you think. He also distinguishes between different kinds of distraction and proposes some solutions. Take Action In this series of posts, I’ll run through some of the key ideas from the book, give some examples of what has worked for me as well as how, in some cases, I’ve used our focus-enhancing and distraction-reducing app Pomodus to put some of the ideas from Indistractable into practice.

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  • The Impact Of Interruptions & What To Do About Them

    Most of us love the modern tools that we have at our disposal because they seem to make us more effective, keep us organized and better able to communicate with one another. The downside of these tools is that they seem to compete for attention through ongoing sounds and notifications. In addition to the technical tools, our modern open offices also leave us vulnerable to ongoing interruptions from our colleagues. My goal with this post is to discuss the impact of interruptions and some strategies for dealing effectively with them.

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